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All of our services can be bundled into a package, or sold separately, based on clients needs.



Outdoor Wedding Altar

Elevate your Wedding experience with a DJ who understands the power of music in making your ceremony truly unforgettable.

Cocktail Hour

Wedding Celebration

Elevate the atmosphere with expertly curated music, tailored to enhance your event.


Wedding Party

We spin a musical magic spell, crafting an unforgettable experience that dances to the rhythm of your unique love story!

Let us orchestrate the musical backdrop for your special moments. From the Brides entrance to the exchange of vows and the triumphant recessional, our DJ's ensure each phase is accompanied by the perfect soundtrack. Trust us to turn your wedding ceremony into a harmonious and memorable event.

We strive to set the perfect mood for mingling and celebration. With a curated playlist that blends sophistication and energy, we craft a soundtrack that complements the joyous atmosphere. From smooth melodies to upbeat tunes, we ensure a seamless flow of music, enhancing the social experience for your guests.

From the Grand Entrance to the last dance, our DJ's read the crowd, seamlessly transitioning between genres and creating an unforgettable musical journey. With a blend of your favorite tunes and crowd-pleasers, we ensure every moment is filled with rhythm and joy, making your wedding reception an epic celebration that leaves unforgettable memories for you and your guests.




Turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Moving Heads


Elevate your experience and captivate your audience with the dynamic flair of moving headlights.

360 Pixel Tubes


Turn any space into a captivating light-filled wonderland with our 360 pixel tubes.

Transform any venue into a captivating space with strategically placed lights that add a splash of color and vibrancy. Our lights not only enhance the atmosphere but also complements your event's theme, creating a visually stunning backdrop.

Our cutting-edge moving headlight technology adds a mesmerizing touch to any occasion, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. These lights sweep across the venue, casting a spellbinding ambiance and infuse your event with excitement.

From synchronized light shows to customizable displays, these pixel tubes add a futuristic and immersive element to your celebration.


Bartenders & Waitstaff

Preparing Cocktails

Raise the bar on your wedding celebration with our skilled bartenders and waitstaff. Our expert bartenders craft delicious cocktails with flair, ensuring your guests enjoy every sip. Paired with our attentive waitstaff, who seamlessly cater to your every need, your wedding becomes a stress-free, delightful experience.

Hair & Makeup

Makeup Brushes

Our skilled team of artists brings your vision to life, creating a stunning and personalized look that enhances your natural beauty. From elegant updos to flawless makeup application, we tailor every detail to complement your style and theme.

Barber Services

Barber Tools

Step into confidence and style on your big day with our exclusive Barber services. Our friends at Up Top Barbershop specialize in crafting sharp, tailored looks that enhance your unique personality. From classic cuts to modern styles, we pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you leave looking and feeling your absolute best.


DJ Services


Let the music speak, and the good times roll.

We will curate the perfect playlist, seamlessly blending beats to keep the dance floor alive and the energy soaring. With a keen understanding of your preferences and ability to read the room, trust our service to turn the soundtrack of your event into an unforgettable symphony, making every moment a dance-worthy memory.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to assist you in every aspect of your needs.

Feel free to inquire about any services not listed. We've established strong connections with professionals across various fields and are more than happy to share their information with you.

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